Cleveland RTX ZipCore Raw Wedge Tour Players

Which Tour Players Are Using Cleveland RTX ZipCore Raw Wedges?

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore Raw Wedge is a somewhat unique choice of equipment for Matt Kuchar among his peers on the PGA Tour Players right now. According to the database, Matt Kuchar is the only top tour pro currently carrying it in their bag and using it as their preferred Wedge. That’s fine with us -- we like a guy who isn’t afraid to choose his own way.

Tour players do seem to like Cleveland Wedges a lot, since 10 of the top PGA Tour Players right now are playing with Wedges made by Cleveland.

Listed below are players who are currently playing with the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Raw Wedge in their most recent bag. Click the links to see more details about the player and their bag.

Player In the Bag On:
Matt Kuchar February 2021


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